The Dirty Beetles are an amazing event coordinating collective that can provide everything from sound, lights, DJ’s, live music, live painters, go go dancers, fire spinners and more.  

We can do big room sound or any small affair entertainment, private and cooperate where there is a celebration to be had.  

That is our specialty. 


20150426-5DM35136042415 Boogaloo 610

042415 Boogaloo 756

BoogDBwatermarkBlackBOOGALOOcard1BooGaLoo Art Car is a multi functional art piece that can be used as a DJ booth, lounge space or Art Installation.  BooGaLoo can also be a traveling party bus where a live DJ can entertain your group as you travel to and from your destination.


We can also provide sound, lighting & visual mapping for any size event, big or small, contact for us for more details

The Dirty Beetles are a silly and eclectic group. Among the members there are DJs, musicians, artists, painters, fabricators, techies, designers, all people who have a profound love for the arts.